About Us

Fundboost is a international crowdfunding platform where members support each other's fundraising campaign.

Fundboost’s goal is to be the fastest global fundraising solution to non-profit groups, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, sporting organizations and individuals. Where we refer to the speed of our solution, we are taking about how our platform functions which directly benefits each member. 

These campaigns can be non-profit related, personal or entrepreneurial in nature.  This system is designed for you to continuously use ongoing for life!
Once you support the project or person who referred you to Fundboost in any of the tweleve donation levels, you can then create your own campaign and begin raising funds. 
We at Fundboost will continuously provide ideas and tools for you to use and leverage off to accelerate the speed of your fundraising results.

You will be provided with a unique referral link where anyone who signs up through that link will be placed under you and will be able to donate to your campaign.  You are also able to raise funds through a "Donate as Guest" feature where it allows people to send you donations without the need to sign up.

The beauty of the Fundboost system is that the giver in Fundboost immediately qualifies to be a receiver!  

This is unique in that all our campaigns provide the equal opportunity for their donors to create their own campaign once sending their first donation!  Members helping members. 

"The future of crowdfunding"